About the program

The “Κερkidα OPAP” program brings children closer to sports.

Sports have been a living part of our society through time, whereas sports ideals and sportsmanship can inspire children, teach them principles, help in their integration to social groups, etc. The future of sports, either at a professional level or in terms of fans, may be improved only with the active participation of children and young people.

This is the philosophy in which OPAP, a standing supporter of sports, is investing in, by creating the “Κερkidα OPAP” program. The program aims at attracting more children to fields and courts, by promoting, at the same time, sports as a main entertainment option for the whole family.

Through this program, our little friends will have their own stand, from which they can enjoy their favorite club and the unique show top athletes have to offer.

The "Κερkidα OPAP" program offers free double tickets for home games of the cooperating clubs in Greek competitions and free double tickets for home games in European competitions. By using these tickets, children, accompanied always by an adult, can go to 4 football and basketball stadiums, in order to watch their favorite athletes' efforts, in specially configured spaces. Moreover, in each game, children will have the opportunity to participate in activities, specially planned for them and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

More specifically the clubs participating in the program are the following:

• Football: GREEK NATIONAL TEAM (up to 150 double tickets), AEK FC (up to 150 double tickets), PANATHINAIKOS FC (up to 150 double tickets)

• Basketball: PANATHINAIKOS BC OPAP (up to 150 double tickets for Greek competitions and up to 200 double tickets for European competitions)